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96360 Territorial Road, Monroe, OR 97456

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Let’s (potluck) brunch and make merry! 

We hope you will join us on Sunday, December 10th for a joyous winter gathering at the home and farm of Amanda LeBrun ‘91 (link) in Monroe.

There’s lots of room for social distancing, indoors and out, for round-table debates, cozy conversations around the fire, or even a hike on the forest paths. (There are also three resident Labrador retrievers!) No boar’s head procession for this holiday party, but we will have a project space set up for you to create your own holiday wreath/swag to take home. 

We will provide cider and mimosa-makings, as well as lots of Douglas fir branches, other greenery, and some basic ribbons and floral wire for the craft project.

Please bring a brunch bite to share! And - if you’re so inclined - any fun winter florals, berries, cones, and some hand pruners. A poem, song, or other winter-themed inspirational words are always welcomed!

Adults only at this event, but do look towards a kid-friendly excursion in the New Year.

Looking forward to seeing you - and hoping we will have Reedies join us who haven’t yet attended one of our events!


Amanda ‘91, Ashley ‘07, and Jewel ‘8

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