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Kit Schluter is a poet (Pierrot's Fingernails), author of short stories (5 CartoonsThe Good in Having a Nuclear Family), and translator from Spanish and French (Rafael Bernal, Anne Kawala, Olivia Tapiero, Marcel Schwob, and Michel Surya). Forthcoming translations: Bruno Darío's three-volume work, Lantana; or the Indissoluble Exhalation (Ugly Duckling Presse), and Copi's The Queens' Ball (Inpatient Press). He lives in Mexico City, where he runs the Salones de Belleza reading series with Tatiana Lipkes, and designs books for a living.

Tatiana Lipkes was born and raised in Mexico City. She has published four poetry books: Todos los días son días de fiesta (MdH, 2008), Repulsión (2012), Rojo de cadmio (Oumuamua Press, 2018), a pesar de todo ¾in spite of ourselves, translated into English by Robin Myers¾ (Juan de la Cosa, 2022) and one book of interviews with filmmakers, 13 +8 entrevistas a cineastas contemporáneos (2010), due to her close relationship with cinema over the years. Her latest work as a translator is Mi madre ríe by Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, it was published in Mexico in 2019, and in Argentina in 2021. Lipkes has also translated from French into Spanish: La pluralidad de los mundos de Lewis by Jacques Roubaud (2008), Poemas by Francis Picabia (Alias Editorial, 2011), Estamos de acuerdo con todo lo que lucha y sigue luchando desde el principio del mundo by Nicole Brenez (Ediciones Enhe, 2019).

She is focused on translating L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry. Lipkes’ Spanish version of Mi vida (My Life) by Lyn Hejinian has been published in Mexico (MdH), Chile (Editorial Aparte) and in 2023 in Argentina and Spain (Cuneta). She made an experimental translation of Hejinian’s English version of Arkadii Dragomoshchenko’s Descripción (Description). And, finally, Susan Howe’s essay Clasificar los hechos (Sorting Facts, or Nineteen Ways of Looking at Marker) was published in Mexico by Mangos de Hacha and by Kriller 71 in Spain.

Lipkes is a founding member of Editorial Mangos de Hacha, an independent publishing house devoted to poetry in translation and its different poetics, whose goal is to promote poetry that not only is considered fundamental in its formal proposal, but that has been kept aside. She is currently working on a translation project about vision which includes Sight by Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino, Blindsight by Rosmarie Waldrop and Clairvoyant Journal by Hannah Weiner.

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