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Visiting Artist Talk: Amy Franceschini & Lode Vranken - FutureFarmers

Monday, April 5, 2021 1:15pm

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An international group of artists, anthropologists, farmers and architects who come together to propose alternatives to the social, political and environmental organization of space. Founded in 1995, their design studio serves as a platform to support art projects, an artist in residence program and their research interests. Futurefarmers use various media to deconstruct systems to visualize and understand their intrinsic logics; food systems, public transportation, education. Through this disassembly they find new narratives and reconfigurations that form alternatives to the principles that once dominated these systems. They have created temporary schools, books, bus tours, and large-scale exhibitions internationally.


Amy Franceschini is an artist and founder of Futurefarmers. Her work facilitates encounter, exchange and tactile forms of inquiry by calling into question the "certainties" of a given time or place where a work is situated. An overarching theme in her work is a perceived conflict between "humans" and "nature". Her projects reveal the history and currents of contradictions related to this divide by challenging systems of exchange and the tools we use to "hunt" and "gather". Using this as a starting point, she provides new tools for an audience to gain insight into deeper fields of inquiry; not only to imagine, but also to participate in and initiate change in the places we live.


Amy received her BFA from San Francisco State University in Photography and her MFA from Stanford University. She has taught in the visual arts graduate programs at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Stanford University and is currently faculty in the Eco-Social masters program at the Free University in Bolzano, Italy. Amy is a 2009 Guggenheim fellow, a 2019 Rome Prize Fellow and has received grants from the Cultural Innovation Fund, Creative Work Fund and the Graham Foundation.


Lode Vranken has been the lead architect and philosopher of Futurefarmers since 2008. Lode's fascination with installing situations of renewed socio-spacial dynamics began with a Transpolar Catapult built in Anchorage, Alaska and has manifest in various modalities since then. Lode has been practicing architecture internationally since 1993. He received his masters in a UN Course on Human Settlements + Architectural Philosophy from the KU Leuven, Belgium. He has been teaching since 2005 as a Ned delegate at The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain and from 1993-94 at the Asian Institute for Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. Lode co-founded the architectural research coalition, De Bouwerij in Belgium that focuses on social living structures, passive housing, and zero 
energy construction. He is also a partner of Dear Pigs in Belgium and member of the The Ghent School for Metaphysics.

Please contact Lisa Mickola (mickola@reed.edu) for the zoom link and password.

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