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Yoga with Erin Nova

By Wellness

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 12pm to 1pm

This class is for faculty and staff. More details and registration information can be found here. Once you register for the term, we'll add you to the 2020 Summer Fitness Classes Google calendar where you'll be able to access the links to the classes.

Erin is from from Lafayette, Louisiana, and lives and works in Northeast Portland and beyond. She is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and specialist in women’s fitness, balance, and flexibility. Coming from a track running background, she turned to yoga in college when she broke her leg running. She loves teaching and training in groups or one-on-one, focusing on how breathing deeply and well can change the way you feel and live. Erin believes that if you can breathe and move, you can do yoga and get stronger than you ever imagined!

Hatha/Hatha Flow
The yogasanas (poses) move the spine in all directions giving greater flexibility and strength to the anatomical core. In this class we will focus on moving the spine and limbs in synchronization with the breath, and sometimes with the accompaniment of music. In addition, basic pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) will be taught to aid the flow of energy and help the mind focus. Students will learn a variety of standing and seated poses in a sequence that ultimately leads to stillness at the end of class. In this stillness one can realize the essence of yoga. This class is for all levels with pose modifications for beginners and variations for more seasoned students. 

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