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VIRTUAL Math Colloquium: Juliette Bruce, UC Berkeley

Thursday, April 29, 2021 4:45pm

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Combinatorial Cones & the Moduli Space of Abelian Surfaces - 
An overarching theme, appearing in many different parts of math, is that if one wishes to study some type of geometric objects it is often useful to package all of your geometric objects together into one space (often called a moduli space). One such situation is studying a generalization of elliptic curves called abelian surfaces, which should roughly be thought of as 4-dimensional donuts. Working together we will use a bit of combinatorics and group theory to construct special cones, from which we will learn about the geometry and topology of the corresponding moduli of 4-dimensional donuts (e.g. Abelian surfaces). This is joint work with Madeline Brandt (a Reed alumna), Melody Chan, Margarida Melo, Gwyneth Moreland, and Corey Wolfe.

Contact mickola@reed.edu for the Zoom link & password

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