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Please note the Friday, 1/19 class been canceled. 

Some of the best stories---even in mathematical sciences---are best told visually. TikZ is a package in LaTeX for drawing precise diagrams, making it possible to balance a need for precision with the power of aesthetics in communication. This class will explore some basic skills in making vector graphics using TikZ, and provide participants with some starter code and guided time to practice.

Our workshop will come in two parts. On the first day, we will learn about some of the basics of TikZ, such as node, draw, foreach, and scope; and participants will be encouraged to try out some exercises in creating diagrams. On the second day, we will explore some more intricate applications of our basic skills, ideally motivated by specific requests from participants. If possible, please bring a computer (or tablet with an external keyboard) capable of compiling LaTeX in order to participate (both days).

Some experience with LaTeX---a markup language used in mathematics, computer science, physics, and elsewhere---is strongly encouraged for this class. If you're completely new to LaTeX, Overleaf has some great tutorials to get you started! (Search "Overleaf LaTeX tutorial" or follow links from the sign-up form.)

Sign-up form: https://forms.gle/7eHSnCt8KxP1e8am7

Zoom link for Thursday, 1/18 class: 


Instructor: Zajj Daugherty

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