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This is an extension of previous classes on how awareness might arise within material objects (such as brains). Knowledge about what is required for consciousness to emerge has increased, but the mechanism of consciousness itself remains elusive. The class is part lecture and part discussion of what questions arise from new information that's been developed. For instance, the brain has structures required for the support of awareness, but that don't actually produce it. Others produce awareness, but within those structures, the ultimate location of awareness has proved elusive. Why is it so hard to find? Or, the content of an awareness can include anything in the observable universe, but it's mediated by the "connectome" of the observer's nervous system, and realized by microscopic events at the synaptic level. Why might awareness cover such a wide range of scale? This is an opportunity to trade ideas, information, conjectures, and questions about the phenomenon of awareness. Instructor: Mark McLean, Alumni

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