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When the average person thinks of Pokemon, they often immediately think of the iconic catchphrase: "Gotta catch 'em all!". For many players, this is indeed what draws them to the series. As of the latest installment (Pokemon Scarlet & Violet) there are over 1,000 unique and fascinating creatures each with their own identity and charm. Furthermore, with the advent of Pokemon GO, the franchise has become leagues more accessible for those itching to get into the series, and has made it easier to learn about how deep it actually goes.

However, there is something else that is tantamount to the games and the franchise as a whole: battling. On paper, this seems to be a simple quality of the game; after all, you're just pitting your digital creatures against each other, so what? But when you have 18 types with an absurd amount of combinations, hundreds of moves with unique effects, tons of nuanced mechanics regarding how you can equip your Pokemon for battle, and 6 party slots to build a team around, you wind up with a shockingly complex battling system.

This Paideia course is all about the mechanics behind Pokemon battling, their relationships to one another, as well as the robust competitive scenes built around it. By the end of the week, you will be familiar with the battling system, competitive resources, and maybe even have a team of your own! If you aren't too interested in competitive Pokemon in particular but are still a fan of the franchise, please feel free to drop in and hang out anyway!

Breakdown of Course Schedule:

Monday - Introduction to Pokemon Battling Mechanics
Wednesday - Introduction to Competitive Formats
Friday - Introduction to Team-building & Resources Sign-up form: forms.gle/vWVQ6byvgokUtymS8 Instructor: Connie Mangan

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