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Rehearsing Reality: Forum Theatre for Science Accessibility

Saturday, March 13, 2021 7:30pm

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An Applied Theatre Production devised by the company and directed by Eva Licht (‘21)

Brazilian theatre maker, activist, and politician Augusto Boal founded Theatre of the Oppressed to expose the “extraordinary power, the intense and effective energy, of the theatric event in domains outside the theatre: the political, the social, the fields of education and psychotherapy” (Augusto Boal, The Rainbow of Desire). 

Boal asked theatre spectators to become the protagonists of the realities they see: to rehearse reality. Through this production, our company explores science spaces at Reed and in the academic world beyond, supporting the breaking down of barriers, while encouraging the accessibility of science research. Rehearsing Reality is performed in support of Eva’s thesis research which investigates using Theatre of the Oppressed and Forum Theatre to make science research more accessible. 

Our company, Peaches and Fluffles, will work with you, the audience, to explore the barriers and conflicts which exist in science spaces, and to brainstorm solutions for our community. Join us on Zoom (link below) on March 11th, 12th, or 13th at 7:30 p.m. PST. Admission is free.

Spotify Playlist
We created this Spotify playlist during our rehearsal process to reflect the collaboration and community required for Forum Theatre, and we are excited to open this collaboration up to our audience. Please feel free to add songs to the playlist or simply enjoy listening to some of the music that has inspired this production.

The Joker: Benjy Ross

The Cast: 
Ella Chadwick
Sophronia Barone
Ali Ashraf
Bettina Broyles
John Poole
Sushruta Chandramouli

Production Team:
Eva Licht
Lizzy Knight
Celia Morell-Borgstrom
Abhi Rajshekar
Anna Hendrikson
Dan Primka

(Staff & Faculty)
Caitlin Cisek
Kate Bredeson 
Rusty Tennant
Alissa Warren

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ZOOM: Rehearsing Reality: Forum Theater for Science Accessibility