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RAW Sensation: Artist Installations

Come check out the numerous artist installations and exhibitions across campus as part of Reed Arts Week: Sensation. Free and open to the public. (Event image copyright Parker Day, 2017.)

"Tangible Scent" by Maki Ueda (Library lawn)
Major components of the scent of rose will be mixed into bubble liquid which, once bubble machines distribute it, will allow for patrons to process the individual pieces of the scent.

Selected works from "Clem's Revenge" by Eda Yorulmazoglu
Performing Arts Building display cases

Sculptural costumes draw from the characteristics of artist Eda Yorulmazoglu’s family members, each exaggerated in the wake of her grandfather’s death.

Selected works of Parker Day
Studio Art Building, Feldenheimer Gallery (9am-6pm)

Vibrant photographic explorations of the campy, grotesque, and brilliant.

"Not/Present" by DJ Meisner
Studio Art Building, Feldenheimer Gallery (9am-6pm)
A complicated exploration of identity, family, and place. Photography and mixed media. 

"Giantess" by Mia Bonilla
Gray Campus Center D (10am-6pm)

"Take What You Need" by M Prull
Campus bathrooms

A participatory art installation. You are invited to take a moment to consider the implications and effects of scent, color, texture, and intention as you partake in the ritual of washing your hands.

"Monochromatic Microcosm" by Hannah Mead
Great Lawn

Experience monochromatic light: the mind and eye react uniquely to this sensation, often causing heightened perceptions, emotional reactions, and lowered dimensionality. Enjoy the monochrome stars or a shear blindfold and relax as the light permeates your field of vision. If you remain uninterrupted, you may experience Ganzfeld hallucinations.

"Can You Hear Movement?" by Hannah Jensvold
Peforming Arts Building, 2nd floor projection area

Do you hear movement? Are you uncomfortable hearing movement? This is a video installation that explores the interaction between the auditory and the visual of dancing, moving bodies.

"Nuclear Sensations" by Toria Ellis
Paradox Cafe

Visual and tactile representations of nuclear processes that happen inside the Reed Research Reactor. They are embroidered works stretched over canvas.

"Temperature Play" by Emily Kind
Paradox Cafe

A book of poems about having a body, written by Juliana Cable and designed by Emily Kind. This book lives and breathes in response to a reader's touch.

"Recombinant Anatomical Spaces" by Ry Dennis
Gray Campus Center B (10am-6pm)

Organs of the human body used in sensing the outside world and our own internal world: fingers, noses, mouths, brains, genitalia; disembodied, recombined, and reattached in new ways. How do we sense the world around us and what are our emotional connections to the instruments we use to perceive the world and ourselves? What do we do when our senses can't be trusted or make us uncomfortable?

"Moody" by Will Carter
Gray Campus Center B (10am-6pm)
A video installation that couples audio and video to manipulate sensations throughout the body. Might be insightful in helping you understand what sorts of sounds and images trigger certain responses in your body. Might inspire you to workshop ways to train your somatic system into a different physiological response. Might just make you moody.

"Semiotic Theory" by Ryan Yocum
Gray Campus Center C (10am-6pm)

First published in 1929 in his debut collection of poetry, White Album, this piece by the influential Japanese surrealist writer and visual artist Kitasono Katue utilizes symbolic diction in a way which weaves a hypnotic narrative for the reader to decipher. This audiovisual adaptation portrays the text in a contemporary context and leaves interpretation open to the viewer.

"Some Phantasmagorias of Masculinity" by David James
Gray Campus Center C (10am-6pm)

A video poem about a personal history with masculinity told despite vulnerability.

"Extra/Extra" by Castle Córdoba
Throughout campus

This sensationalist newspaper encourages the destruction, stealing, and distribution of its materiality. The content of the paper will include removable posters and informative, yet surrealist works.

"Sense Angels" by Is Sullivan
Student Union north loft

Some angels are messengers of sensation. They fly by their sense organs. They bring good bad & ok sense scents touches tastes smells sights.

"Shenakhtan = Recognition: An Interactive Installation" by Nilufar Imanipassand
Student Union porch

Pianos obscured by plants provide patrons with the opportunity for an interactive experience of creating unnamed sensations.

"Cluck" by Josie Toliver Shaw
Gray Campus Center B (10am-6pm)

A piece depicting sound and texture visually.

"Touch/Tectonic" by Lou Ellingson and Oona Sullivan Marcus
Old Dorm Block Sallyport

A wall with holes cut into it encourages patrons to confuse physical and emotional understandings of the words “touch” and “feel”.

"The Skin I'm In" by Isabel Adesko
Gray Campus Center B (10am-6pm)

A collection of five shorts focus on the life of one of the most unstudied bird species in the Pacific Northwest, capturing the mundane yet beautiful life of the Bird People.

"The Sensation of Opulence" by Pixie Freeman
Gray Campus Center A (10am-6pm)

At this college opulence is hidden. We are inundated with wealth and hesitant to examine the structures that provided this privilege. 54% (783 out of 1,456) of the students at Reed College don't receive need-based financial aid to pay for the $56,030 in tuition, $7,160 for dorm housing, and $6,510 for a medium board plan. This installation is a comment on what (I perceive) it feels like to be opulent.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

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