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Free Event

An installation by Owga Li

About the project: 
Every day at around sunrise and sunset, I will be spinning a web between three trees on the great lawn. After the web is complete, I will hang bells and other instruments on it. Please find your own way to interact with the space. You are also welcome to come and observe the building process or help me deinstall on Sunday, November 3 before sunset. 

About the artist:
My art is my word. Sometimes, the word moos like an angry cow, resolute and expressive; other times, it whispers like trees in the wind, without much purpose. In either case, there is some implication of the necessity of such a word. Out of such necessity, I try to utter my word in different forms. In any case, I tend to be inspired by the materiality of my surroundings more than the transcendence of ideas—by life, in other words, when it reveals itself in its most unadorned appearance. 

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