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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Giulia Jiménez Tani is a director / writer from Caracas, Venezuela. She studied film and motion graphics in SCAD, completing her BFA in 2018. Though immersive technology and digital media she creates stories and experiences.

From the director:
Throughout my life I have felt and watched the economic and political conditions in Venezuela deteriorating, and social injustice escalating. In 2017, the country and fellow students took the streets demanding a better future. They were faced with severe police oppression, leaving many dead. My frustration and inability to directly support them inspired the concept behind Plomo. Taking the shape of a bullet, the viewer becomes, at first, a passive witness of the event that’s unfolding around it. Through its trajectory, the viewer gets to grasp the feeling of being inside a riot. Eventually, the viewer actively influences and affects the outcome of the scene by reaching its unavoidable mortal target.

Through this piece I hope to spread awareness and bring global attention to the pain and suffering of Venezuelans. This in order to start a conversation demanding action, as well to raise consciousness regarding the weight of the consequences of pulling a trigger.


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