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Free Event

Presented by artists Amrita Sawhney and Maddie Conley.

Amrita Sawhney:
Being  articulate is far more valuable than we take the time to recognize, and  being articulate is also incredibly difficult. 

Words fail me often.  I try my hardest to choose my words carefully, but still find that expressing opinions, emotions, really anything at all that requires formulating a sentence is taxing. Writing all three lines of this artist statement is testing me right now. This should not have taken me an hour, but there is so much pressure to say the right thing. 

I turn to art, my sigh of relief, a language that does not need to be learned, a language that cannot be learned because it is not meant to be understood. Art is expression only meant to be recognized and appreciated in a way individual to the observer.  So there is no pressure to create the right thing, and our art can consume all the words left unsaid out of fear of offending or being vulnerable or being wrong. 


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