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In honor of President Audrey Bilger’s inauguration, Reed will host a calligraphy scriptorium and weathergram workshop for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and all invited guests. The workshop will be led by Gregory MacNaughton ’89, education outreach and Calligraphy Initiative coordinator for the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery. All weathergrams made during the workshop will be displayed around campus during the inauguration.

Weathergrams were invented by Lloyd Reynolds, a master calligrapher who taught at Reed College from 1929 until 1969. According to Reynolds, weathergrams are seasonal poems of about ten words or less that are calligraphed onto strips of biodegradable paper and “hung on bushes or trees in gardens or along mountain trails” to “weather & wither like old leaves.” Based loosely on Japanese haiku, Reynolds’ weathergrams now have a permanent place in the history of Pacific Northwest calligraphy.

Read more about the calligraphy heritage at Reed College.

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  • Anita Bigelow
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