Pitching: It's Not Just for Business

Your million dollar idea. In 30 seconds.

Ready? . . . . . Go!

Get some exposure to startup culture and entrepreneurialism. Clarify your goals and develop strategies and techniques to help turn your aspirations into reality. If you think you have any dents to put in the Universe, it’s get busy time. As Reedies we have a lot of practice making strong cases for our ideas in essays and lab reports, but most of us have less experience using these skills of analysis and persuasion in person. Advocating for and selling our ideas is a valuable skill that goes beyond the business world - it is a life skill that allows us to connect with others and realize our professional and personal dreams. Everyone can develop their own style of “pitching” - it doesn’t have to be icky and is not just for business! This will be a workshop-style class where we practice sharing and “selling” our ideas in a way that’s authentic and effective. Ken will share candid stories of his experiences of “pitching” in various contexts and phases of their lives, and share their sage wisdom.

Ken has done a variety of things in his life including some that might be considered interesting: 1. Worked on the team that developed the first real time flight simulator for an airplane on Mars. NASA Ames 1988.

2. Discovered the technical secrets that make music swing compared to straight time music. Southern Oregon University 2006.

3. Lived a bohemian lifestyle for 15 years with occasional episodes of illusory stability.

4. Developed iPhone and iPad apps for about seven years. 5. Has done fairly well investing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 10:30am

Eliot 314, Eliot 314

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Alumni, Student


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