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Please join us for this week's physics seminar. We'll have coffee and cookies in the student lounge preceding the seminar. 

Recent mean field results in the study of structural glasses have demonstrated the existence of a phase transition that happens within the glass phase, called the Gardner transition. This transition describes a change in the energy landscape from smooth to fractally rough with a heirarchical structure. In this talk I will provide a primer on the structure of this transition as well as report on direct experimental evidence of such a transition in colloidal glasses and simulational results in low dimensional finite size systems. Experimentally, we track the motion of a single particle within a densifying colloidal glass and observe an abrupt transition from caged to logarithmically growing mean squared displacements, a signature of this transition. Numerically, we directly probe the structure of the energy landscape and find it to be both heirarchical and ultrametric.

Physics students are encouraged to join our guest for lunch at on the day of the seminar. Meet in front of P128  at noon to recieve your GCC voucher. 

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