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Development and Usage of a Magneto-Optic Cryostat

Abstract: Optical measurements of materials in condensed matter is a growing field. In particular, pump-probe measurements enable researchers to probe the dynamics of excitations in many materials. Many such research directions require a magneto-optic cryostat to reach low temperature and high magnetic field. Traditional cryostats use liquid helium, which is costly and inconvenient. Closed-cycle cryocoolers eliminate the need for liquid helium, but introduce vibrations, so care must be taken to reduce vibrations. The development of a low-vibration, cryocooled magneto-optic cryostat (<1.7 K and 7 tesla) will be presented. Measurements of the dynamics of spin-polarized excitons in InSe, measured in the cryostat, will also be shown.

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