Physics Seminar - "Desperate Measures (in Desperate Times)"

Tom Giblin, Kenyon College

We find ourselves in the so-called “Golden Age” of particle physics.  Ours is a time in which the largest, most sophisticated, and most expensive experiments in history are returning the most precise measurements ever.  However, our “Golden Age” is starting to look tarnished; the concordance among these experiments continues to show consistency with a model of particle physics (and hence, of the Universe) that we know is wrong.  In this talk I will discuss this staggering dilemma and show how our research group is making some progress in trying to confront these failures of success.  I will focus on what information might still be hidden behind difficult problems that we need to actually confront.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 4:10pm to 5:30pm

Biology 19

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Faculty, Students

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