Math Student Colloquium: Maxine Calle, Mathematics Senior

'An Introduction to Morse Homology' - 

Morse theory helps us understand the topological structure of a space X by studying the differentiable functions on X. For example, we can imagine flooding our space with water and watching how its flow reveals information about the 'shape' of X. Aided by tools from algebraic topology, we can use information about the critical points of the flow -- like the number of valleys where water gathers -- to gain topological insights. This talk will introduct the basics of Morse theory and its connection to algebraic homology.

Monday, November 11, 2019 at 4:40pm to 5:30pm

Biology, 19
3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Lecture, Student


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Mathematics, Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
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