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Multifractality and Geometric Disorder in Generalized Anderson Transitions -
​​​​​​​Anderson phase-transitions in 2D metallic systems have been studied since the 1950s, but much about systems near the critical point of the phase transitions remains unknown. In this talk, I discuss universality, the tendency for seemingly dissimilar systems to be characterized by the same parameters near critical points, and the way this applies to the fractal properties of the wavefunctions of these systems. I discuss in particular the fascinating notion of multifractal measures, and how we can use them to study a wide variety of disordered systems. 

Bio: Noah Charles is the Scholar in Residence in Physics at Reed College. His main research focus is questions of universality in 2D localization phase transitions, with a special focus on disorder physics. Noah's other academic interests include using community programs to address the climate of physics and lowering the barrier to entry to the use of video in classroom teaching.

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