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Students will give brief presentations about their summer research work.

  • Kellen Brosnahan, Zach Barbanell, Wolfgang Brightenburg, Louise Xu, and Daniel Zou "Differentially private data analysis via edit distance" (with A. Groce, A. Bray)
  • Astrid Lilly "Sum and difference sets in generalized dihedral groups" (with R. Ascoli, J. Cheigh, Z. Moura, R. Jeong, A. Keisling, S. Miller, P. Ngamlamai, M. Phang)
  • Ethan MacBrough "Saturated transfer systems and linear isometries operads" (with K. Ormsby, S. Balchin)
  • Olivia McGough "Population-based hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization" (with X. Ding, X. Dong, C. Shen, A. Ulichney, R. Xu, W. Swartworth, J. Chi, D. Needell)
  • Monroe Stephenson "An overview of combinatorial Hodge theory" (with D. Kiyohara, D. Koizumi, K. Hou, K. Adiprasito)

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