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Are you interested in finding out more about how animation works? Are you interested on getting hands-on with a collaborative, collective stop-motion animation made on a really long cotton fabric strip? In this hands-on open access workshop, I will facilitate a space to work on a fabric film strip that will be animated at the end of Paideia. As an embroiderist-animator researching methodologies on collective art practices, I am interested in cultivating non-hierarchal spaces where people can come together and experience animation not as an teleological production towards some set outcome but as a craft that builds social connectivity and shared visioning. For this workshop, I am envisioning opening a daily space where people can drop in and work on the animation as they are available, and I will be on hand to talk about tips and tricks for animating, show work, and help to facilitate the project.

Please note the Wednesday, 1/17 has been canceled. 

Instructor: Charlie Wilcox

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