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Pause. Breathe. Consider. Explore. We invite you to find your center, spark your divine imagination, try the world's first search engine, and find wisdom on the winding path of the Reed Labyrinth.

Lars Howlett of Discover Labyrinths is a leading expert in the creation of custom labyrinths from exact replicas of classical and medieval designs to one-of-a-kind installations. Recognized as a passionate speaker and inspiring teacher on the practice of drawing, building, and walking labyrinths, he manages a vast image archive of diverse designs from past projects and journeys to sacred sites around the world. Howlett builds, walks, and photographs labyrinths as a practice in mindfulness. He is a Veriditas faculty member and Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, having trained with the leader of the labyrinth movement, Lauren Artress, at Grace and Chartres Cathedrals. For three years he was the apprentice to master builder Robert Ferre, learning the art of sacred geometry and his methods of creating proportional and precise Classical and Medieval patterns. In 2015, Howlett launched Discover Labyrinths LLC, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He inherited his mentor’s custom tools, labyrinth library, and workshop curriculum. In 2017, Howlett was named a master builder by contemporaries in his field.

Labyrinth creation will take place on April 17-18, and the labyrinth will open to the Reed community at noon on April 19 and be in place through Sunday, April 30.

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