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Biology Seminar: Jenny Tung, Duke Univeristy

Friday, March 26, 2021 4:10pm to 5:00pm

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Jenny Tung, Duke Univeristy

"The Social Genome"

Science Trivia- 4pm
Talk Begins- 4:10pm

The goal of the Tung lab is to link fitness-related behavior, life history, and environmental variation with outcomes that are relevant on an evolutionary timescale, using tools from genomics and social mammals as their focal system. Dr. Tung will discuss their research on the consequences of social relationships for gene regulation in the short-term, and evolutionary change via admixture and hybridization in the long-term. This work involves insights from both captive primates and an intensively studied natural baboon population in Kenya. Together, it emphasizes the value of genomic data for revealing patterns that cannot be captured using phenotypic analyses alone. At the same time, our findings illustrate the importance of interpreting genomic information through an organismal lens.

Open to the public (contact gonyerk@reed.edu for the Zoom link & password)

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