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Hope Grows in Chernobyl: Cultivating Post-Apocalyptic Resilience

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 5pm to 6:30pm

Hopelessness is all too common among the inhabitants of our burning planet. This seminar seeks to explore ways we might all grow together, despite everything, by learning from potent forms of healing—communal, spatial, and ontological—which took root in the wake of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. To give a little taste of the content: depending on your priorities, there could be discussions about post-traumatic growth, indigenous forms of knowledge production, resacralizing the more-than-human world, and/or critiquing the limitations of the dominant scientific paradigm. Led by Caden A. Wait.

Much of my research was made possible through Reed’s President’s Summer Fellowship and other grants; the former allowed me to live in Slavutych, Ukraine—a city built to house atomic refugees—and return to the Exclusion Zone this summer. (There will be pictures!) On that note, I’d also be happy to offer guidance regarding Reed’s many funding opportunities, and how to pursue one’s vision on one’s own terms more generally.

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