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Sunday, January 23, 2022 10am to 11am

3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

Do you know how to code? If your answer is greater than or equal to “sort-of,” consider participating in this year’s Hackathon! A Hackathon is simply an event where programmers of all skill levels and backgrounds collaborate to solve problems in a creative way. Reedies of all majors are welcome.

This year’s theme is “Hacking Reed”. The goal is NOT to “hack” Reed college but instead to do something interesting with Reed College’s resources and data. How about a program that automates the daily health check? Or you could build a missed connections Twitter bot. The possibilities are endless, and we will be happy to give you an idea or help you develop something new.

This Hackathon is strongly focused on dispelling “imposter syndrome” and proving that every participant is capable of starting and finishing a bona fide programming challenge outside of class! All that’s required is a basic understanding of programming. We can help bootstrap you into whatever project you decide to pursue.

The Hackathon will last 48 hours and has two required meetings. An introductory meeting to find collaborators, choose and develop project ideas, and create a plan of action. The second meeting takes place 24 hours later to check in with groups and provide support where needed. There will be an optional get together after the event to discuss project outcomes and celebrate a job well-done! Led by Will Howes.

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