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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

http://grupokrapp.blogspot.com/ #reedcollegeperformingarts
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Grupo Krapp present a performance in Greenwood Theater as part of their residency with the Reed Dance Department. Admission is free.

Luciana Acuña & Luis Biasotto are dancers, choreographers and actors as directors of Grupo Krapp, one of the most important and irreverent groups on the Argentine dance theater and music scene. Their works Didn’t you kiss me? (2000), Mendiolaza (2003), Olympica (2007), the diptych Where the dead goes Side A & Side B (2011) and The future of the hippos (2017) have been programmed in several festivals and theaters in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and the United States of America. Grupo Krapp received the Konex prize (2009), Olympica won first prize of the Argentinean Theater Fest (2008), as best show at Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza Huesca for Mendiolaza (2005). In November 2013 the company had its own Retrospective in San Martín Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

Grupo Krapp is one of the most relevant and irreverent groups of local dance. Formed by a group of artists who work in the search for new forms of expression, investigating the problem of representation and limits.

Krapp es uno de los grupos más relevantes e irreverentes de la danza local. Conformado por un grupo de artistas que trabajan en la búsqueda de nuevas formas de expresión, investigando sobre la problemática de la representación y los límites.

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