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1810 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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RSVP: email Elizabeth Dinkova at edinkova@spookyaction.org

"Frontieres Sans Frontieres" by Phillip Howze, directed by Reed alum Elizabeth Dinkova, is a satire about imperialism and international development.

At a landfill in a country that feels familiar and foreign, three stateless youth have cobbled together a scrappy living: learning Engaleash, raising ruckus, dreaming big while getting by with little. Soon a whirlwind of tourists, social media influencers, foreign investors, and do-gooders invade their home with promises of assistance and civilization – but at what cost? Howze’s “brightly colored, comic fantasia on cultural imperialism” (The New York Times) dazzles with its blistering satire and asks, who wins and who loses in a war to hold on to the people and places we love?

For anybody who might want to mingle first, the group will meet at the Commodore (1636 17th Street NW) at 6 pm, and then walk over to the theater at 7 pm.

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