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This is most ly a series of exercises designed to evoke sensations and emotions. Thereby each of us will learn their own 'tells' for safety, sham, fight, flight, anticipatory angst, relaxed, freeze, collapse.... The good news is that the 'tells' you discover in your experience are
chiefly unvarying and predictive. This enables you to more effectively check your internal weather. Getting a second opinion.
We'll be working individually, in dyads and as a group. I will demonstrate exercises, lead group visualizations, answer questions, and provide context when helpful. Mostly, it's about the exercises and what you cull from your experiences. Our work will also clarify that our bodies do not respond in the same ways. Learn Your's.
There will be a safe container for the work. Some materials provided. Instructor: Sandy Shore, he-him, '72' Ph.D.

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