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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Password-Authenticated Key Exchange: Concepts and Protocols -
Password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols allow two parties who share a low-entropy password to generate a cryptographically strong random key, in the password-only setting (i.e., no PKI is required). Asymmetric PAKE (aPAKE) strengthens this notion by allowing a party (the server) to store a one-way hash of the password, instead of the password itself, hence providing protection against server compromise.

In this talk, I will first review the concepts of PAKE and aPAKE, as well as basic PAKE constructions such as encrypted key exchange (EKE). Then I will present my recent and ongoing works in this domain, including (1) the exact security properties of EKE, and (2) OPAQUE, the first aPAKE protocol which supports private password salt and prevents pre-computation attacks. I will conclude with some future directions.

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