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I Dissent: Surviving a career as a cryptographer and computer scientist while disagreeing with most everything that goes on in my field - 

In this talk I’ll discuss a problem that has plagued my entire academic career: that I disagree with almost everything that goes on within my field. The disagreements are not only technical; they are philosophical and sociopolitical, too. I’ll try to include diverse examples in the talk. As you might expect, questioning your colleagues' work and beliefs might not foster the best relations with them. Yet the outlook seems to have produced some worthwhile papers. Is good work routinely born of discontent? 

Bio: Phil did his Ph.D. at MIT, worked for a few years at IBM, then spent 28 years while officially at the University of California, Davis, but spending about half of his time as a traveler and visiting professor at universities around the world. Over that period he co-developed a line of cryptography that brought mathematical rigor to practical cryptographic problems. Nowadays Phil is mostly interested in social and ethical problems associated to technology. He currently resides in Portland, across the river from Reed.

Learn more about Phil at this link: https://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~rogaway/


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