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Cooley Director Stephanie Snyder '91 presents on Thelma Johnson Streat’s painting The Black Virgin

African American artist Thelma Johnson Streat (1911–1959) was the first African American woman artist to exhibit and have her work collected by the Museum of Modern Art. She also worked with muralist Diego Rivera, who described her work as "an expression of the grace and purity of African and American art." Streat worked with Rivera on the Pan-American Unity mural in 1939 at the Golden Gate International Exposition, and Rivera inserted her portrait in the mural. Streat studied art briefly at Reed in the 1940s, and she subsequently donated to Reed a painting that is widely considered to be her greatest work—The Black Virgin. Please join Cooley Director Stephanie Snyder '91 for a close look at the painting, which will hang in Prexy during Reunions, and for a conversation about her art and life.

Friday, June 8, 2018 at 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Prexy Lounge

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Mike Munk

Mike Munk 6/1/2018

She lived on Lambert St while a student at the Portland Museum Art School from 1934-5 on a scholatrship from Paul Robeson. More in my Portland Red Guide (2nd ed), p. 77