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Chemistry Seminar: Rebecca LaLonde, Ph.D. "A magical mystery tour through breast cancer therapeutics, atmospheric chemistry, and an unusual photochemical reaction"

Thursday, September 30, 2021 4:15pm to 5:00pm

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Rebecca began her career at Reed College, earning her BA in chemistry in 2001. During her time away from Reed, Rebecca completed a MS in chemistry at Stanford University and PhD in chemistry at UC Berkeley. In addition to her academic experience she also has industrial experience as an Associate Scientist at Dow Agrosciences and a research associate in medicinal chemistry at Genentech. Rebecca returned to campus as faculty in the fall of 2013. As an avid outdoors person and paragliding pilot, Rebecca is particularly concerned with reducing the environmental impact of organic chemistry. Her research interests span from developing non-toxic catalysts derived from bismuth to the isolation to nitration chemistry of atmospherically important molecules and the synthesis of Erinacine natural products from Lion’s Mane mushrooms. 

A magical mystery tour through breast cancer therapeutics, atmospheric chemistry, and an unusual photochemical reaction

Organic chemists have a unique opportunity to apply their synthetic expertise to a wide variety of research problems. In this talk, Rebecca will describe her work uncovering new Tamoxifen analogs for the treatment of breast cancer. Next, she will describe how synthetic chemists have the ability to impact the study of reactive hydroxynitrates in the atmosphere. Finally, a photochemical reaction to prepare highly strained tricyclic ring systems will be discussed. 

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