Chemistry Seminar: Miriam Bowring, Ph.D. "Research Leave Talk: Unusual Isotope Effects and Other Bicoastal Science Adventures"

Miriam Bowring is an assistant professor of chemistry at Reed College in the field of mechanistic organometallic chemistry. Their current research interests include catalysts for alternative fuels, reclamation of palladium pollution, and finding out what makes hydrogen atoms behave as waves.

Research Leave Talk: Unusual Isotope Effects and Other Bicoastal Science Adventures

Abstract: Why do hydrogen atoms sometimes react much faster than expected, compared to deuterium atoms? Our group aims to find out if it is because hydrogen atoms are acting as waves, and if we can use this behavior to help design new catalysts for alternative fuels. On my sabbatical, I visited the Chacón lab at Reed and the Goldberg lab at Penn to gain expertise in stopped-flow spectrophotometry and kinetic and mechanistic analysis, while investigating the release of methane from a platinum center. I will share tales of my year in research and present new evidence for an unusual reaction mechanism.


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Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 4:15pm to 5:00pm

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