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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Dr. Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez earned a B.S. in Pharmacological Chemistry (2014) and an M.S. in Chemistry at UC San Diego (2016), followed by a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Purdue University (2019). He conducts chemistry education research with an emphasis on theory-based qualitative methods. Much of his previous work has focused on how students use equations when solving problems and how students construct and interpret graphs. His research group focuses on chemistry as a community of practice, which involves multiple intersecting communities of bench-top chemists, chemistry education researchers, and instructors. Dr. Rodriguez aims to advance and support the chemistry community, especially individuals at the periphery such as emerging researchers, instructors, and undergraduates interested in participating in science. 

This event is supported by the Thomas Dunne Lecture Fund.

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