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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Dr. Jawahar Sudhamsu is a protein biochemist and structural biologist, whose group collaborates with colleagues across Genentech to study interactions of macromolecules & their activities in an effort to contribute to better understanding of signaling events in human disease and enable drug discovery for both large and small molecule based therapeutics. In addition, his group identifies bottlenecks and develops technologies to accelerate research processes and speed up drug discovery and research. His research interests focus on molecular mechanisms of signaling in cancer, with current emphasis on pathways downstream of the protein Ras. These signaling cascades are tightly regulated and fine-tuned for promoting growth. Not surprisingly, cancer cells take advantage of these effective cascades by overcoming multiple regulatory mechanisms. By understanding the molecular mechanisms of signaling in healthy and cancerous cells, his hope is to be better able to design more effective therapies.

This event is supported by the Thomas Dunne Lecture Fund.

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