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Career Panels and Reception presented by the Alumni Board's Reed Career Alliance

Reed Career Alliance (RCA) and the Reedie Legal Network present three concurrent alumni-led discussion panels in various professional fields. Join us to hear about current issues and network with fellow alumni at the joint reception to follow the panel discussions:

Reedies in Tech:
Join Eira May ’08, Chris May ’08, Juliet Hougland ’08, Ryan Streur ’14, and Melissa Lewis ’13 as they discuss their experiences as Reedies in the Tech industry. The conference style discussion will include topics such as: ​

  • The shift of tech work from white collar to blue collar
  • How a Reed Education prepares one to work in the tech sphere
  • The proliferation of specialization in tech and how other industries are adapting to technology
  • Diversity and inclusion in tech companies

Reedies in the Environmental Field:
As Margaret Murie ’23 once said, “Environmentalists can be a pain in the ass, but they make great ancestors.” Join Carolyn Yale ’68, Tina Schneider ’05, Raphaela Hsu-Flanders ’16, and Michael McGreevey ’04 to discuss Reedies continuing in a long tradition of advocacy on environmental, conservation and sustainability issues. This informal gathering will include discussion of:

  • Career directions in the environmental, conservation, and sustainability fields
  • Building connections between the many Reedies working in these fields and current students/recent graduates
  • Future directions for Reedies passionate about working on environmental and sustainability issues

Reedies in Immigration Law and Issues Everyone Should Know:
Last year hundreds of lawyers around the country, including a number of Reed alums, responded to the sudden implementation of the Trump Travel Ban by heading to airports to aid travelers facing sudden obstacles. Immigration law is, in fact, one of the major areas of concentration for Reed alums working in law, and at this reunion three alums – Turid Owren ’74, Rich Parker ’75 and Bryan McGowan ’85 -- will discuss substantive issues in their work, and many ways immigration law affects businesses and individuals. Oregon CLE credit pending and all alumni and current students are welcome to attend. The discussion will be suitable for specialists and non-specialists alike:

  • Business immigration (stricter scrutiny, exodus of foreign talent, worksite enforcement)
  • Family immigration (DACA, "chain immigration," diversity)
  • Crimmigration (consequences of convictions, tattoos, marijuana use)
  • Intersection with other areas of law (taxation, bankruptcy, import businesses (faux goods), denaturalization, etc.)
  • What the non-specialist can do to help

This is CLE credit pending!

Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Vollum Classrooms 110, 116, 120 and 1st floor Atrium

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