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Birding Planet Earth

Monday, January 17, 2022 10am to 11am

3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Each geographical location on planet Earth has a distinct and often almost incomprehensible avifauna. This Paideia class will attempt to show the excitement of birding in different parts of the world using the presenter's photos and knowledge. An attempt will be made to explain the level of avian diversity in North America, say, Oregon. Then to demonstrate how exciting it is—based on the Oregon experience—to bird through Central America because of the increase in many kinds of diversity. Next we will bird south through several countries in South America. Next, we move west to explore the avifauna of Asia, where the presenter started birding in the Peace Corps in 1977. We continue our avian westward circumnavigation in India and Bhutan. Next, Eastern Europe: Romania. Finally we end up with the avifauna of the Western Palearctic.

Such an ambitious plan necessitates a small amount of time with just a few photos in each region. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the questions raised in the viewer's mind will lead to use of such great databases as ebird and BirdsoftheWorld to enjoy and help—in some small way—protect migrating birds.

This Paideia class will be a Keynote presentation with solely photographs taken all over planet Earth in the last 20 years by the presenter with a professional-level digital camera. Led by Johnny Powell.

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