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"Y Chromosomes Matter"

Dr. Mank's lab studies what drives sexual dimorphism, and the genomic and transcriptomic building blocks underlying the differences we observe between the sexes. They integrate cutting edge methods with natural variation, convergent evolution and artificial selection to study the relationship between genotype and complex phenotypes. At its core, their research is discovery-based, and they value engaging with the public to explain the excitement of their work.

Talk Abstract: The guppy sex chromosomes show an extraordinary diversity in divergence across populations and closely related species despite originating just 20 million years ago. We have been using this group as a model to understand both the process of sex chromosome evolution, as well as the role of the Y chromosome in male diversity. Although Y chromosomes are often thought of as genetic wastelands, the guppy Y chromosome underlies variation in male mating colour and courtship behaviour, and plays an important role in sexual selection.

This event will take place virtually. Contact gonyerk@reed.edu for the Zoom link & password.

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