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3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202, USA

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Dr. Glennis Mehra is director of BioLabs @NYULangone. The site is an incubator for life sciences startups, giving them the vital resources needed to accelerate their research.

Translating Translation: From academic endeavors to startup success

Abstract: Academic discoveries once inspired by curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge are now gobbled up to fuel profit and engineer social impact. As competition and funding for new ventures continue to see-saw, enterprising scientists are looking to make an impact, not just in the halls of academia but also in commercial markets. However, these budding entrepreneurs and innovators face harsh headwinds as they struggle with the storms of fate and fortune.

Indeed, 80% of life science startups fail. Why? And more importantly, how do a few defy the odds? Only recently has research emerged that outlines the hallmarks of success and failure for life science startups. The results are striking.

3:45pm Snacks & Socializing on the chem patio/bio breezeway
4:10pm Talk Begins

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