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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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"Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Promoting Non-timber Values of the Tallest Conifers"

Terrestrial biomass and carbon storage reach global maxima in the tallest conifer forests. After more than a century of industrial logging, these forests are scarce, but those remaining in reserves still have much to teach us. Tree and forest biomass can be accurately quantified by direct measurements combined with terrestrial, airborne, and spaceborne laser scanning. Steve’s talk will show how this was achieved in coastal redwood forests and why allowing some trees to reach full stature in regenerating forests is the best way to maximize long-term carbon sequestration and conserve biodiversity.

Steve Sillett '89 is a expert in tree canopies. He was the first researcher to introduce climbing techniques that made the study of Redwood forest canopies possible. He is conducting a range-wide analysis of Sequoia sempervirens productivity and drought sensitivity that accounts for variation in forest age, neighboring trees, climate, and landscape position.

11:50 am- Snacks & Socializing
noon- Talk Begins



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