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Insights on the regulation of non-muscle myosin II

Over the past couple of years my lab and my Bio 372 Cell Bio course (with the help of Anna Ritz's Computational Systems Biology course) have been exploring new regulators of a very well-known and studied molecule, non-muscle myosin II. I will share with you our progress and hopefully offer some new insights to its regulation and what it means for our understanding of how this important protein functions. 

Dr. Derek Applewhite's lab seeks to understand the regulation of the cytoskeleton. Just as we have bones and muscles that give our bodies shape and allow us to move, cells have analogous structures known as the cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton is critical to the shape change or morphogenesis cells undergo during development, immune functions, the path finding that developing neurons undergo when establishing connections, and in cases where the cytoskeletal machinery works aberrantly, metastasis during tumorgenesis.

3:45pm Snacks & Socializing
4:10pm Talk Begins

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