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3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199

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Before the lecture, join the community in celebrating Earth Day (including tree climbing, opportunities to talk with Nalini, food and live music), at Reed's Earth Day Celebration.

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni  is an early leader in developing canopy access techniques in her study of the plants, animals, and microbes that live in her study sites in Costa Rica and Washington State. Nadkarni discovered the deep interconnection of forest canopies and the rest of the forest ecosystem. She is also a passionate about science communication and has collaborated with a wide range of groups including preachers, policy-makers, and prisoners to bring science and nature to those who historically do not or cannot get access to them.

Tapestry Thinking: Weaving Nature and Knowledge for Conservation

Nalini Nadkarni tells the story of how her lifelong love of trees has led to new ways that people can understand and value forests. She describes the intricate ecological connections between canopy biota and the rainforests she has explored for four decades. She has created diverse pathways to engage urban youth, artists, rap singers, policy-makers, and faith-based groups. Since 2004, she has partnered with correctional institutions to bring science lectures, forest conservation projects, and nature imagery to incarcerated men, women, and youth. These efforts produced 140 scientific papers, children’s books, dance performances, art exhibits, poetry readings, and Mattel’s “TreeTop Barbie”. This interweaving of trees and people helps to create a stronger tapestry between nature and people.

3:30pm Reception (PAB Terrace)
4:10pm Talk Begins (PAB 320)

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