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Few things in life are more satisfying and meaningful than a rewarding and fulfilling career. Join us as we explore some of your highest career goals. In the first session we will imagine and draw an ideal career and the PATH to it. Please bring paper and colored pencils. I will provide some in any case. Also please take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator if you have not done so already and bring your four letter type to the first session so we can find careers compatible with your personality. We will also take a career interest assessment in class and evaluate your personality type and interests as they relate to the world of work. On Day 2 we will synthesize and prioritize career options and learn about the magic and power of a way to better career decisions: the advice call or information interview. Finally we will explore career fields, industries, and specific organizations and companies and how to best engage with those that most interest you and how to win at the employment game.

Please note the Wednesday, 1/17 class has been canceled and rescheduled to Thursday, 1/18. 

Instructor: Alan Ridley

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