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Biology Seminar: Andres Holz, Portland State University

Friday, April 23, 2021 4:10pm to 5:00pm

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Andres Holz, Portland State University

"Changing disturbance regimes and climate challenges forest ecosystem resilience"

Science Trivia- 4pm
Talk Begins- 4:10pm

Anthropogenic climate change, management legacies, and ongoing changes in natural disturbance regimes (e.g. larger, more severe, and frequent wildfires and insect/disease outbreaks) are threatening the capacity of forests to absorb and/or recovery from disturbances.

High-severity fires are increasingly occurring across much of the world due to warmer conditions, lengthened fire seasons, extreme weather, and management legacies. Following high-severity fires, many forests are experiencing a recovery compromised by lack of tree seed sources, warmer and drier postfire climate, short-interval reburning, and postfire flammability feedbacks. Replacement of burned forests by other forest types or treeless vegetation implies long-lasting changes in dominant species, life forms, or functions, with impacts on ecosystem services. This is especially true in dry forests, but less is know about how wetter, more mesic forests are responding to these stressors.

This talk will synthesize studies that the Holz lab is conducting in the GEC Lab around forest resilience and the impact of climate change, management, and changing disturbance regimes in mesic and wet temperate forests.

Open to the public (contact gonyerk@reed.edu for the Zoom link & password)

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