Eliot Hall

Eliot Hall houses classrooms and administrative/faculty offices. The building’s brick and limestone are patterned after St. John’s College at Oxford. Read about namesake Thomas Lamb Eliot on the dedication plaque at the south entrance of the building, and view the Reed College seal inscribed above the entrance to the admission office. The college’s unofficial mascot, the griffin, is inscribed in the center of the seal. Taken from the coat of arms of the Simeon Reed family, the griffin is a mythical half-eagle/half-lion who is the enemy of ignorance. The chapel on the third floor includes architectural details that date back to the tenth century.

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Academic & Administrative Building

Upcoming Events

Workshop with David Abram - "Animism and the Earth: On Language and the Ecology of Sensory Experience"

Following his lecture on Wednesday, David Abram will be teaching a two hour workshop - "Animism and the Earth: On Language and the Ecology of Sensory...

4/18 3:00pm
Pol Sci Social Seminar

Welcome to the weekly Pol Sci Social Seminar, hosted by the Political Science Department! Each week we'll have space for two political science students to...

4/22 4:00pm

An open invitation to members of the Reed community and campus guests to join in silent sitting meditation. Bells are rung from 12:10pm to 12:40pm, but...

4/23 12:00pm
Elvira Basevich: "Du Bois's Philosophy of Modern Freedom: On the Democratic Legitimation of Public Goods"

Du Bois’s critique of Reconstruction and Jim Crow presupposes an idealist theory of the modern American state; his original philosophy of the state has...

4/23 5:00pm
Mission Blue Screening with Greenboard

Join us for a screening of the documentary movie Mission Blue. From https://mission-blue.org/: “Legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle is on a personal...

4/25 6:00pm

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