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The academic study of religion is an integral part of the liberal arts. The aims of the curriculum are two: to introduce students to the various religious traditions of the world—Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, for example—and to acquaint students with a variety of recognized methodologies employed in the study of religion—philosophical, social scientific, and historical. The department’s courses serve both to develop in students the capacity for critical assessment of religious thought and action, and to provide an adequate grounding for independent, analytic inquiry into the history of religious traditions.

Upcoming Events

Religion Symposium:  Dr. Michael Casper '06, Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Dr. Casper will lecture on, "Political Roots of Marija Gimbutas's Theories of Ancient Religions." Marija Gimbutas (1921-1994) was a pioneering archaeologist...

10/28 4:30pm
Religion Symposium: Dr. David Mozina, Boston College

Dr. Mozina will lecture on, "Living Daoism and the Study of Ritual." Living religion in the small towns and rural hamlets of China is still terra incognita...

11/11 4:30pm

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Religion Symposium