Political Science

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The program in political science is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline, viewed as a set of specific strategies for understanding political life. These strategies—which include conceptual, historical, structural, institutional, and behavioral approaches—are considered in the light of their theoretical presuppositions and in terms of their respective research approaches. The emphasis is less on learning the facts of politics than on being able to recognize, evaluate, and use intelligently the intellectual tools of the discipline.

Upcoming Events

Democratic Debate Watch Party

Join us in Vollum Lounge starting at 5:00 p.m. to watch the 10th Democratic presidential primary debate. The debate is co-hosted by CBS News and the...

2/25 5:00pm
Politics and Policy Lecture Series: Peter E. Gordon

"Realism and Utopia in The Authoritarian Personality" Co-authored by Theodor W. Adorno in cooperation with other European and American social scientists,...

3/5 4:45pm
Politics and Policy Lecture Series: Barbara Arneil

"The Colonial and the Imperial" Scholars, particularly those engaged in post-colonial scholarship, routinely argue that colonialism and imperialism are...

3/16 5:30pm

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