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The Reed humanities curriculum places primary emphasis not upon information, important as that may be, but upon the development of disciplined thinking and writing through the interpretation of works of art, literature, or other means by which people have expressed themselves and ordered their lives, individually and socially. Courses acquaint students with poetry, drama, painting, sculpture, music, religion, philosophical systems, forms of political and social order, and historical works.

Upcoming Events

The Colors of the New World

Diana Magaloni is Deputy Director, Program Director and Dr. Virginia Fields Curator of the Art of the Ancient Americas, and Director of Conservation at the...

2/6 6:00pm
Black Celebration Month: Leslie M. Alexander

Fear of a Black Republic: US–Haitian Relations in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution January 12, 2020 marked ten years since a massive earthquake...

2/17 4:30pm

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An Iliad