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The Dean of the Faculty is the Chief Academic Officer of the College. In the absence of the President, the Dean assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The Dean is the representative of the Faculty to the President. He or she serves as Chair of the Committee on Academic Planning and Policy (CAPP), as an ex officio non-voting member of the Committee on Advancement and Tenure (CAT), and as a member of the President's executive staff with standing equal to that of the rank of Vice President. Working with the President, the Faculty and CAPP, the Dean shall have administrative and planning responsibility for educational policy and the academic program. Working with the President and CAT, he or she shall also have administrative and planning responsibility for Faculty personnel policy and processes.

As Chief Academic Officer, the Dean's goals are primarily twofold: first, to serve the faculty, which primarily means helping the faculty do what it feels it needs to do in order to ensure the effectiveness of the academic program; and second, to serve as a fundamental point of contact between the faculty on the one hand and the President on the other. In pursuing these goals, the Dean (1) works closely with individual faculty, departments, staffs, and faculty committees, with a view toward clarifying and supporting their interests and ambitions, (2) advises the President in whatever form and manner the President determines, (3) provides staff support for CAPP and CAT, the two major committees of the faculty, (4) supervises administrative offices that are directly involved in formulating and implementing the academic program, and (5) represents the College to external constituencies, as requested by the President.

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